An RDWC stands for recirculating deep water culture system which is basically a bunch of hydroponic DWC’s connected and maintained through a main reservoir of water.

The benefit of a RDWC is that you no longer have to adjust the nutrient and pH levels for each individual bucket and now you can just access a single reservoir to make adjustments.

The downside is that you may want to have different nutrient levels for each plant. In this video, we setup a RDWC from PA hydroponics and I talk you through every step needed to assemble and install this system.

This is a 4 bucket soilless system that grow plants in hydroton suspended above the water using net pots.

The water is aerated using an airpump which give plants oxygen rich water filled with nutrients that are added.

This system is used in my hydro vs soil grow series which will be available in a couple of weeks.

To buy the same system in this video,

check out:…

To watch a complete guide on how to setup a grow tent, check out:…

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