Beginning Aug. 1, 2023, people age 21 and older can grow up to eight cannabis plants, with no more than four being mature, at a single residence. A cultivation license will be required to grow more plants. The plants must be grown in an enclosed, locked space that is not open to public view. People 21 and older can possess up to 2 pounds of cannabis flower in their home.



  1. Dude! I’ve been watching the sh*t out of your videos in anticipation of MN legalization. Your series has been my main goto. I swear I haven’t started early…

    1. Awesome. Yea. It’s exciting. Definitely recommend watching the top mistake videos. Then the main guide. I think if you remember those two, you’ll be golden. And proper pH meter maintenance, best of luck

  2. Started 6 wks ago #MN420

  3. Just bought my stuff based on this guide, no rush though soil wont even be here until next Tuesday. I waited until fully legit in MN and then started ordering.

    So in the mean time I’m soaking it all in and looking for the best results I can get with all I am learning so far; thanks for the details in your guide, I truly appreciate the time you spent on it and I can tell it comes from a passion

    “[b]YES YOU CAN[b] grow high-quality buds on your very first attempt!”

    1. Welcome, you’re gonna be hooked and this series has already been revised countless times because I want to make sure it’s perfect. Definitely keep me posted on your progress and LMk if you got questions.

      1. Got my Happy frog soil early!

        Testing it now and will journal on Discord… again thanks for all your details. I have spent over 600 already and would have never pulled that trigger if I didnt come across your reviews/teachings first.

  4. How can I send you a picture of my grow

    1. discord, scroll down and post in a public channel

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