A lot of people are completely oblivious to how to use a ph meter the proper way.

90% of problems with growing marijuana and weed stem from issues with pH and part of the problem is that people do not use them properly.

I have gone through dozens of pH meters in my history of growing and it took me a while to understand why they need to be stored in a proper way.

This video summarizes the scientific reasons why you need ion rich storage solutions such as KCL to extend the lifespan of your meters.

Make it your got dam self tutorial: https://youtu.be/IMouPp7x-R4


  1. I made that same rookie mistake of leaving my pH meter in distilled water. I thought I was being innovative, but the only thing I accomplished was effectively ruining my pH meter. That would explain why my grow was all over the place. Lesson learned. Keep that meter hydrated in the KCL solution, or else you’re going to be spending more and more money on meters. Big respect for the content Big Growmie!

    1. anytime bro. Just keep in mind, even that needs to be replaced every 2 months or so. Sometimes its easier to just leave the cap on after you rinse in with distilled water and put it in KCL every couple of weeks or so.

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