You should always choose a light that factors in the size of your tent because you don’t want to have too little light for your plants.

The best lights have a dimmer and LM301B or LM301H diodes and you will also need a timer or timed surge. Installing the lights is best done with rope clip hangers because you will have the flexibility to raise or lower your lights.

When you bring the lights closer to your plants, you are able to dim you lights which in turn saves electric.

For almost all lights, there should be a hole on each corner.

Unfortunately, most lights only come with one or two rope clip hangers which is absolutely unstable for heavy lights. I highly recommend purchasing 4 for any light that is 200 watts or more.

The first thing you want to do is place your light on the floor in the center of your tent in the orientation that you will be hanging your light.

Factor in where the power line is so that you can have the line exit your tent as efficiently as possible. Next, grab a rope clip hangers and clip the clip that’s attached to the pulley onto each of the four corners.

Now, hold down the tab on the pulley to release as much rope as possible making sure you don’t release all of it.

So when you’re using the rope clip changers, there’s two different setups. You could take these two clips and hang them on this right pole, and then these two clips and then hang them on this left pole which is going to be the first setup. Or the second setup would be, these two clips on the back hanging on that back pole and then these two clips, one and two, hanging on this front pole, up here.

Once each line is long enough, take the clips without the pulleys and push them behind the top pole, pull them back down and clip it back onto themselves. Once all the clips are secured on the top poles, you can raise your light by pulling each loose rope one at a time. Be gentle with and rotate and pull each corner one by one, until the light is the level you want.  Now plug in your light and turn it on and put a thermometer on the floor.





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