Spider Farmer is quite possibly the most popular LED grow light for growing weed, but is it the best? We test the measurements out and one of the best aspects of this light is the spacing of the LED’s which make the light distribution way more even that older models and other brands.

We continuously search for the best value light in comparison to generics and other brands and in this video, we measure and compare this to a generic Pandvillow 4000w using a pair of SF2000’s which is the equivalent to a single SF4000 model. From our tests, we prefer this light, not because of power, but because of the light distribution.

We find that we do not need to go over 800 ppfd on any square unless you supplement with CO2 and since all outside boxes go above 600 ppfd, we definitely prefer this model over the Pandvillow.

US: https://spider-farmer.com

Canada: https://spiderfarmer.ca

Europe: https://spiderfarmer.eu

UK: https://spiderfarmer.co.uk

Australia: https://spiderfarmer.com.au

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