In this video we will unbox and review a Vivosun air pump. This air pump is made by one of the most reputable home grow brands Vivosun.

This hydroponic air pump features the ability to pump 950 gallons of air per and we tell you what we honestly think as we unbox this product and evaluate it in comparison to my Active Air 4 output, 237 gallon per hour air pump.

There is a clear winner and the reason why is shown in this video.

Link to Air Pump Reviewed in this video:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11564″ ref=”amzn-vivosun-317gph-air-pump-15w-6-outlet-20-l-min-for-aquarium-and-hydroponic-systems” link_id=”2006″ title=”hide”]

Link to preferred pump, albeit weaker:…

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