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Today, were comparing 3 different carbon filters for your grow tent. This video is not sponsored so all the information provided is based on our experience and to help you.
We got 3 different brands featured and they are AC infinity, Vivosun and Auertech. All three of these carbon filters were 4 inches and we used them with the same exact Vivosun Inline Fan so this comparison is as unbiased as can be. As of this videos release, the price for AC infinity is $49.99, Vivosun is $37.50 and Auertech is $27.99 so price definitely plays a part.

Auertech Carbon Filter:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11599″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-air-carbon-filter-4-with-premium-australian-virgin-charcoal-fit-with-inline-duct-fans-for-odor-control-in-grow-tents-grow-rooms-and-hydroponics-systems” link_id=”2872″]

Vivosun Carbon Filter:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11550″ ref=”amzn-vivosun-4-inch-air-carbon-filter-smellines-control-with-australia-virgin-charcoal-for-inline-duct-fan-grow-tent-pre-filter-included-reversible-flange-4-x-12″ link_id=”1944″ title=”hide”]

AC Infinity Carbon Filter:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11722″ ref=”amzn-auertech-6-inch-air-carbon-filter-odor-control-with-australia-virgin-charcoal-tent-grow-plants-filter-with-pre-filter-reversible-flange-for-inline-fan-grow-tent-odor-scrubber-black” link_id=”2873″ title=”hide”]

When comparing the three brands:

The height goes from about 9 and a half inches on the Aurrtech.

10 inches on the AC infinity and a little over 11 inches on the vivosun.

You would assume the Vivosun would do the most filtering.

Then I decided to measure the diameter. AC infinity’s diameter is 7 inches while both vivosun and auertech fall on 6 and 3 quarters. Looking at the specs, all of these brands talk CFM and RC all this stuff I don’t understand, and ultimately, fuck that. The test that Im using is the wifey test. All I know is that when I had Auertech, I had nothing but complaints, listen……. Vivosun, was better, but I was still able to smell weed in the room I was growing. Listen, Last was AC Infinity and ultimately, its easily the winner because even in my grow room, I cant smell anything. To summarize, there is definitely a correlation between price and efficiency and AC Infinity’s carbon filter is hands down my favorite.

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