We return from vacation to resume the meta soil project and the coco coir plants have been automatically watered using the setup seen in this video

The soil pots with super soil and dry amendments were fed remotely using a push start feeder that is controlled using an app and the setup can be seen here

All plants looked great upon return but they are definitely overgrowing the capacity of the tent and causing congestion. This could result in issues later on that may result in bud rot so we must defoliate the plants again and prune off all of the lower bud sites that are in the shade. All of these plants had about a quarter of the leaves removed and all of the lanky, floppy stems were chopped off as well.

The inline fan was also increased to level 8 at all times and the plants look solid and are exactly where I want them to be in terms of structure and leaf coloring. The yellowing on the leaves seem to have disappeared with the addition of epsom salt for the coco slots. We are 2 weeks into flip and the plants seem to be doing real well.

The Ranks that I would Place on them are as follows:

1. Coco for Cannabis – Undeniably larger and way more foliage than the other slots.

2. TPS Nutrients – Same as Coco for C and I think if there wasnt that hiccup in Epsiode 2, this might have been just as good. The top two spots are obvious and I am beginning to think this is becoming more of a Coco vs Soil test.

There is no clear winner for soil, but 420 Scene is the tallest, but has the smallest leaves and thinnest stems. Great lakes is the shortest but has the nicest leaves. Canucks is average but has a nice girth to the stem and Buildasoil is average in height but is practically the same girth as 420’s which is the lowest.

List and Links to the Initial Review of Each Slot:

Mr. Canuck’s Gaia Green Super Soil Mix Initial Review
Mr Canucks Grows YouTube

BuildASoil’s 3.0 Organic Living Soil Blend Initial Review

BuildaSoil YouTube

420 Scene’s Down to Earth Super Soil Initial Review
420 Scene’s YouTube

Coco for Cannabis’s General Hydroponic’s Feed Schedule Initial Review
Coco for Cannabis’s YouTube

TPS COMPLETE Nutrient Kit in Coco Coir Initial Review
TPS Nutrients YouTube

Detroit Nutrient Company’s Great Lakes Water Only Soil Initial Review




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