General Hydroponics’ Flora Series is a well balanced blend of nutrients that are perfect for growing weed and cannabis and the Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium levels are ideal to mix to make a perfect recipe or juice to feed your plants.

In this video, we teach you how to mix this 3 part mix in a way that is the best for your plants. Using scientific journals as a reference, we calculated the optimal balance of these three nutes for each week of a marijuana plants life cycle so that you can have the best growth and buds.

This feed schedule I created has been tested and proven in my strain hunt series and I used it simultaneously on 8 different strains which I think is safe to say this can be used on all strains. Check out the strain hunt winner


3in1 PH Meter:

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General Hydroponics Flora Trio:

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Cal Mag:

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📅 Full Feed Schedule

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  1. Thanks for the info!

  2. Appreciate all the information you provide in your videos.

  3. how do i get the cheat sheet to show hydro. it downloads but i cant find a way to switch to hydro. i dont see the tabs on the bottom of the screen.

    1. all you have to do is create a account and login (it’s completely free).

  4. Is it possible to get the download of the interactive nutrient mix order chart?

    1. wdym, doesnt it download once you click it?

  5. Great guide! Hate to ask a really silly question, but on the guide for the nutes where it says “MEASUREMENTS BELOW ARE ML PER GALLON”…… is that referring to each gallon of water you are feeding your plants?

      1. Thanks. Also what metric are you using for measuring the soil volume in your pots?

        1. just the fabric pots themselves…… theyre either 3 gallon or 5 gallon…. just eyeball it

  6. How often should I water and if I should skip the third feeding , but the 3 week is is first nutes. So do I skip the first feeding?

    1. you water right before the soil completely dries out. finger the soil and if you feel its almost dry, then water

  7. How do I use a PH meter so that its accurate?

  8. Have you used any of the other supplements like whats offered in the FloraSeries performance pack (liquid koolbloom, florablend, rapidstart, etc.) or do you suggest just sticking with the Flora Trio? Thanks for all your great info!

    1. Yes, the only two worth it are KOOL BLOOM and Rapidstart (but I feel like the clonex gel works just as well). Kool bloom is great, but I find it chemically reacts with other nutrients and cause clumping, if used on its own in a feed, it is awesome in bloom.

  9. i love all the information and video help that you provide. Please keep up the good work as im sure its exhausting.Happy Growing

  10. Hello.
    First thanks for all your help. I’m a complete newbie so trying this hobby.
    Quick question on your older cheat sheet for auto flowers the light hours was 18 hours on for the whole grow. On the new cheat sheet I see it changes from 18 hours to 12 hours for autos.
    Is this a typo on the new sheet? Should autos just be 18 hours and leave it?
    Sorry if this is a dumb question.
    I’ve never grown an auto and just got a F1 Hybrid Milky Way auto I’m about to try and grow.

    1. Nah it should be 18 all throughout are you sure you’re looking at the right page. Sometimes it has both on the same document just photoperiods on page 1 and autoflowers on page 2

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