In Rhode Island, adults aged 18 and over may grow cannabis at home.

You must be a registered medical marijuana patient or caregiver. You will be able to grow up to 12 mature plants and 12 immature plants.

(2)A registered patient or primary caregiver cardholder can only cultivate in one location, including participation in a cooperative cultivation;

A residential cooperative cultivation may have a max of ten ounces (10 oz.) of dried marijuana. 10 ounces or its equivalent which satisfies the requirements of this chapter. An amount of wet marijuana set to twenty-four mature marijuana plants and twenty-four (24) seedlings;
License required.  No person or entity shall engage in activities described in this section without a cooperative cultivation license. License issued by the department of business regulation.

Effective July 1, 2019. Only one registered cardholder shall be permitted to grow marijuana. Permitted to grow in a dwelling unit or commercial unit. Except for two or more qualifying patient or primary caregiver cardholder(s) who are primary residents. These residents are of the same dwelling unit… In all instances subject to the plant limits provided in § 21-28.6-4(r).

Source: State of Rhode Island Title 21 Food and Drugs Chapter 28.6
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