This video might confuse you because I have two fans installed in the above video. It shows me pointing the inline fan into the carbon filter which is not what you should do if you have one fan. It is only intended to show you how to hang and the direction your fan blows should be based on the temperature of your tent. To learn what is YOUR best setup, WATCH THIS FIRST, Best Airflow Setup UPDATED

I’ve scoured the internet to find videos on how to install these cloudline fans and carbon air filters and no one has uploaded a detailed explanation so in this tutorial I will try my best to teach you how to hang these up and some tips on how to set them up in your grow tent.

Products Installed
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11566″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-cloudline-pro-t4-quiet-4-inline-duct-fan-with-temperature-humidity-vpd-controller-wifi-integrated-app-control-ventilation-exhaust-fan-for-heating-cooling-grow-tents-hydropon” link_id=”1928″]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11599″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-air-carbon-filter-4-with-premium-australian-virgin-charcoal-fit-with-inline-duct-fans-for-odor-control-in-grow-tents-grow-rooms-and-hydroponics-systems” link_id=”2864″]
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Video Comparing Vivosun and AC infinity Inline Fans

Video Comparing Vivosun, AC infinity and Auertech(Generic) Carbon Filter

I’m gonna show you how to install this AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 fan and carbon filter using either the belt they provided, or with these rope clip hangers.

Rope clip Hangers:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11717″ ref=”amzn-ipower-4-pair-1-8-inch-adjustable-heavy-duty-rope-clip-hanger-reinforced-metal-internal-gears-8-feet-long-150lbs-weight-capacity” link_id=”2866″]

Make sure your grow tent is setup so that you got a hanging pole right next to an outside pole and the first thing were gonna do is decide whether were gonna have air blowing in or out.

My rule of thumb is, hot air rises, so if your tent’s in a hot room, have air blowing out of your tent from the top and leave the dust filter on the outside your carbon filter. If your tent is in a cold room, have air blowing into your tent from the top and the dust filter lining the INSIDE of your carbon filter. If it’s in a warm room, then it doesn’t matter, just go with the hot air setup. This decision will conserve energy costs in the long run. Now grab your air filter and get the straps!!

Detailed view on how to use belt/straps:

Pretend the strap is like a belt and hold the buckle like this then grab the other end and pull it behind the back pole and over the front pole and now slide one end through the back of the second slot. Now fold it back into the first slot and pull it through enough to stay put, but dont tighten. Your gonna do this again with the second strap so again, hold the buckle, pull the other end behind the back pole, over the front pole, then put the end through the back of the second slot, fold it into the front slot and pull the end a little. Now place the carbon filter inside the two belts and start tightening one strap until theres about an inch of slack on the top. Now do the same for the second strap.

Next we want to install the inline fan and I see a ton of people putting them up with zip ties, but let me assure you, that’s a terrible idea because after about a year, the plastic become brittle and they crack. I’ll be using these rope clips instead which I pretty much use for anything hanging.

Link to iPower Rope Clip Hanger:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11717″ ref=”amzn-ipower-4-pair-1-8-inch-adjustable-heavy-duty-rope-clip-hanger-reinforced-metal-internal-gears-8-feet-long-150lbs-weight-capacity” link_id=”2867″]

To use them, you hold this tab down which unlocks the rope and were gonna pull it out about 3 feet. Then slide this clip end over the front and back poles and bring it down halfway. Were gonna do that with another one.

Next. We’re gonna grab our cloudline fan. The fan has a gap that we are going to drop the clips on the hangers through and clip back onto itself. Now do the same with the other hanger and once both are clipped, you can tighten them by pull the loose rope tightly though the hanger. Once its tightened enough, you can insert the fan into the carbon filter as tight as possible and now you can tighten the hangers even more. You want to tighten both the hangers on the fan and the belt on the carbon filter so that they are level with each other. At this point, if you have insulation tape, you can use it now.

Insulation Tape (Best Price):

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11502″ ref=”amzn-nashua-322-hvac-multi-purpose-foil-tape-46m-length-48-mm-width-aluminum” link_id=”1934″]

Next you want to insert the duct through the vent on the top of the tent. Extent it right above the whole so you can reach up and pull it down. Once down, I like to try to bend the edges of the opening out to widen is at much as possible. I then like to add insulation tap around the edges, halfway over it and I slide the duct over the fan by wiggling it over and once its as far as can be, I secure it by pushing the tape down as flush as I can. Now all that’s left to do is tighten the vents, tie the excess string and plug the fan in and you’re good to go. Check out our site, subscribe and hit that notification.

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