If you’re growing cannabis plants, knowing when and how to feed them is crucial for growing the best quality buds. In this video, we’ll share the holy grail of feeding weed plants to get you the most access to nutrients and best possible quality buds. The dunk technique has been perfected after years of growing and I share it in complete detail in this video. This method of watering will prevent you from overwatering your marijuana plants and by weighing your pots, you are able to prevent underwatering.

This is an update on the plants shown in the video above:

0:19 The benefits of dunking
1:33 When to start the Dunk Feeds
1:47 How to Dunk – Equipment you Need

5 Gallon Fabric Pot:
The Cadillac of Dunk Buckets:

3/in-1 pH/TDS Meter:

33 lbs Scale:

2:08 Preparing your feed water:

First, you need to add water to your dunk bucket with a well balanced nutrient mix that contains all the essential elements your plants need to thrive. An optimized feed chart for cannabis plants in soil can be found HERE

3:49 Measuring pH and ppm in the soil & Diagnosing Issues with Plants

4:23 Tips for dunking 3 Gallon Fabric Pots

3 Gallon Fabric Pot:
5 Gallon Bucket: Home Depot
Metal Stand:
15 Inch Saucer: 15 inch Plant Saucer
3/in-1 pH/TDS Meter:

We’ll show you how to set up a dunk which is basically bottom feeding and how to properly angle drain so that you prevent overwatering.


  1. Do you know any good 50 pint dehumidifiers and a good shop vac to suck up run off water?

    1. Yezzir,
      This is the dehumidifier I use in my lung room:
      You dont really need a shop vac, just use the drain to waste tube and have the water feed into a low tub such as:

      If you really need a shop vac, this is what I use, you could sometimes find it on sale:

      1. Thank you so much bro. You are very helpful. I can’t wait until you figure out another way to extract trichomes. The dunking method you came up with is smart as fuck. I’m going to begin growing around may and I really do appreciate your videos especially you replying to my questions. You are the best.

  2. If the method counts as flushing my plants, could I skip a flush on that schedule “nutrients, nutrients, flush”?

    1. yes, learn to read the leaves, the words on the bottom of the chart that stress this should be capable of being clicked.

  3. Will the feed water’s Ph and PPM be altered if you’re feeding more than one plant? If so, would you recommend fresh feed water for each plant?

  4. I finally tried this after seeing it on Youtube the other day. It worked out amazingly. I notice that dunking it up until an inch or so from the top of the soil that the humidity in the tent doesn’t get nearly as high in comparison to watering the plant from the top.

  5. So if I need to fill a dunk bucket with 3 gallons of RO water do I follow your chart that’s per gallon and 3x the nutrient amount you have on your chart?

    1. so triple the amounts on the chart since the chart says per gallon

  6. Do you recommend the “dunk” method for every feeding or alternate with top feeding?
    Thanks for all the great info!

    1. I alternate with top feeds. Nutrients on every feed until I see signs up slight burn

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