Trimming and manicuring marijuana is a matter of personal preference. We will show you how to trim buds using trim scissors.

Many other methods exist such as automatic bowl trimmers, but we find that they take off too much of the good leaves so we use our hands.

(if you need a trimmer for any reason this one is cheep)

It’s not necessary but it could greatly improve the potency of your buds by removing fluff and foliage that doesn’t have any THC or Terpene content.

Mogobe Stainless Steel Tray:

If you got the money, this is like the deluxe version. Solid stainless steel 6 inch deep tray, detachable screen and tons of tools. Use for more than just buds and seeds.

Full review coming soon. If you have any questions, chat with us on our discord. (link)

IMPORTANT: We do NOT in any way shape or form condone any illegal activities. Please refer to our website for a list of all legal and illegal to grow states.

We do not sell anything and we discourage the use of marijuana by minors. (link to our legal page)


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