No matter what grow, tent, or space keeping it clean should be at the upmost of your focus. Things to keep in mind are: “What kinds of things will we be cleaning?” and “Where will these things be”. Spills for certain, walls, pots, and containers? Potentially smells?

This is our quick fix list and remedy to these all so common messes.

Spills, any means necessary, Bleach using gloves mix with water to dilute, not all big cleans or spills will need a heavy bleaching. Some nutrients contain chemicals that may react with the mylar lining in to your grow tent so it’s best to clean these up as soon as possible.


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Walls/Tents, slightly more delicate, If plants are in the tent: we like a hydrogen peroxide and alcohol cocktails used in a spray bottle to administer the fluid and a wipe down with a microfiber or paper towels. Mix a solution of 1/4 alcohol, 1/4 h2o2 and 1/2 water and use a spray bottle the mist every single nook and cranny of the tent.

Most grow lights have an IP65 waterproof rating, so it is ok to accidentally get mist in the light. H2o2(hydrogen peroxide) is the only thing that kills spores and alcohol is a disinfectant so the combination is a kill all solution. After spraying every part if the tent, use a towel to wipe the while tent down to create friction so any germs are further eradicated.

Pots and containers, routine cleanings, place in a bleach and water solution for 10 minutes and brush lightly (please wear gloves during all cleaning). Remove and rinse in water. Hotter water has always proven to break down heavier grime but please be careful not to pour boiling water into bleach. Warm water should be good. For fabric pots, you can remove all the soil as much as possible and simply toss them in the warm wash. Use a small amount if detergent and make sure you allow an extra rinse to your cycle.

Smells, when in doubt, trust your nose. Unless the strain you’re growing has a funky smell, a bad smell is usually the sign if something either rotting or molding and you want to respond and identify the issue immediately. The air carries everything, the use of fans/vents inside your grow space that lead into charcoal filters will reduce the smell of marijuana, dirt, chemicals, and overall dampness. Inline fans are a must, and extra ventilation is a bonus.

Too much moisture will also cause smells, using a dehumidifier will reduce moisture in the air to decrease the chance of mold causing smells.

Oscillating Fans & Dehumidifier

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Finally, practice cleaning all dead plant matter that may fall onto your top soil or grow tent floor. There are many pests that thrive in dead organic matter and neglecting to keep your environment safe will magnify their quantities. Many pests and mold can spread down into the soil and spread to the roots and create more problems and prevention is better than treatment. Make sure you defoliate and leaves that are clearly dying and these will be easy to recognize because they will be completely yellow or brown.

Spray Bottles, Hydrogen Peroxide H202, & Cleaning Microfibers

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