It’s been long debated what the best setup is for grow tent airflow and ventilation. Determining the direction in which your air flows will ultimately make your plants healthier and save you energy costs. Fans add fresh air and carbon dioxide to your plants while carbon filters deodorize and purify your air. If you don’t mind the smell of weed you don’t really need a carbon filter. For all 3 x 3 or 4 x 2 feet tents, one inline fan is more than enough, but I would still add a regular fan inside the tent. For this video Im going to simplify the whole process for you figuring out your grow tents airflow.
All you have to do to determine the best setup for your grow tent is measure the inside temperature of your tent when it has the grow lights on. If you find it to be hotter than 78 degrees, than hang your fan and carbon filter on the top of your tent and blow the air out. This is because hot air rises and since the fan is blowing hotter air out of the tent, it will cool down your tent and you are trying to get the temperature as close to 78 degrees as possible. Then open up one vent slightly on the bottom of the tent, which will suck in cooler air from your room into the tent.

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Link to Video Comparing Vivosun and AC infinity Inline Fans:
Link to Video Comparing Vivosun, AC infinity and Auertech(Generic) Fan:

If the temperature inside your tent is less than 78 degrees. Place your fan on the floor and have the air flowing out from a vent as low as possible. Then slightly open a vent on the top of your tent as opposite to the carbon filter as possible. As cool air is blown out of your tent, warmer air will be sucked in from the top.

For anything 4 x 4 or larger, I would recommend 2 inline fans and I would follow the same setup mentioned before, but add the additional fan and carbon filter opposite the existing fan and have the air blowing in the opposite direction. Just make sure if a fan is blowing air into the tent, you put the dust filter on the inside of the carbon filter instead of the outside.

That pretty much the basics or airflow. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

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