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How to tell a male apart from a female cannabis, weed or marijuana plant can often be confusing because females have calyxes or bracts which may look like balls or male pollen sacs. The key difference between the two types of balls is that females will have a stigma or pistil poking out of the balls which looks like a whitish yellow pipe cleaner that is intended to catch pollen in the air. This calyx of bract will eventually turn into a seed pod when pollinated. Some cannabis plants that come for breeders who do not stress test their strains or crosses may develop nanners or turn into hermaphrodites which possess both pistils, stigmas and male pollen sacs and flowers. This is due to poor ethics from releasing untested strains and a lot of new growers are not aware that there are hermie proof strains. It is important to research genetics before finding a strain or cross to grow and a video on how to choose a strain can be seen here

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