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After your Hydroponic and DWC reservoirs are refilled with top off water, you need to add juices to hit your target ppm. Make sure that all figures in the chart factor in your initial ppm (if using tap) and there are 2 ways to hit your targets by adding juices:

Either pour juices into your reservoir while your TDS meter is submerged and measuring, then slowly add juice until it hits your target and stabilizes.

The other method is calculating how much to add(this formula only applies to 5 gallon buckets that are like 80% full):
Take you target PPM and subtract your measured PPM. Take this answer and multiply it by 3.5 and this will give the amount of juice you will need to add in milliliters(ml).

Add the juices in the appropriate proportions:

Click here to Download the Exact Recipe

Vegetative Juice:

Bloom Juice:

And finally DONT FORGET TO pH balance your reservoir.

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