In this video, Im gonna show you how to install or hang a trellis for your plants. The main reason why a trellis is used is to spread out the plant. So, more light is absorbed and bud sites that wont normally get much light, do.

Basically, when done right, it will improve your yield in buds. You don’t really need to use a trellis if your tent. If the tent seems full enough only when there is empty space available above. The first thing you want to do is cut out the right sized trellis for your tent. My tent is 35 x 35 and each of these squares is 6 inches. which means I will need a 6 x 6 grid.

Next measure it out and cut it accordingly. Once cut, take the plants out of your tent. When attaching the net to your poles, your options are clips or zip ties.

For a grow tent,

Hanging the net using the clips isn’t practical. Because they are too loose and the nets ends up moving up and down too easy. It is better to use the zip ties for grow tents. To tie it on, you just loop the zip tie in front of the net, then wrap the zip tie around the back of the pole and through the slot. Once in, pull it through by holding the slot and pulling the rest of the tie through as far as you can.

Now you’ll see, its much harder to move up and down than the clips. Do this on the other 3 sides and raise it up to the top. Gently place your plants back in under the canopy and slowly, drop the canopy down lower and lower until the strings become somewhat taught.

The objective here is to find spots where a lot of branches are in the same area and you want to move some branches out to less congested areas. You are trying to spread the branches out as wide as possible. You might have to drop down the trellis unevenly in different corners and once you get the plants as sprawled out as possible, you’re done.

Link to the Best Trellis as of 2024:

That’s all on how to install a trellis. For more tips and tricks, check out how weed grow. com

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