Yellow leaves are one of the most common problems when growing marijuana weed and cannabis. There are several reasons why green leaves turn yellow and eventually brown, but the main 4 reasons are because of some sort of deficiency.

In this video, we explain why plants start yellowing with examples and solutions on how to fix them.


The 4 main reasons are:

Nitrogen Deficiency: 1:57 Problem and Symptoms: Yellow lower leaves that eventually turn brown, mobile nutrient that gets relocated to upper leaves. The yellowing slowly climbs up to leaves higher and higher.

Preferred Solution: Flora Micro by General Hydroponics:

Potassium Deficiency: 3:39 Problem and Symptoms: Yellowing around the outside edges of the leaves while the center of the leaves remain greener. They can appear anywhere on the plant and usually hit all the leaves simultaneously. Eventually the leaves brown out.

Preferred Solution: Signal by TPS Nutrients:

Magnesium Deficiency: 5:14 Problem and Symptoms: Yellow and green alternating stripes on the majority of the leaves. The discoloration may vary from leaf to leaf and will most likely stay this color without any remedies or revert back to green. The most extreme lighter stripes may remain.

Preferred Solution: Calimagic by General Hydroponics or Epsom Salt (go to your local pharmacy)

Sulfur Deficiency: 6:08 Problem and Symptoms: Evenly colored Bright yellow or Neon green leaves. They usually start on the top of the plant. Leaves will not absorb as much light, affecting density of the buds.

Preferred Solution: Signal by TPS Nutrients: or Epsom Salt (go to your local pharmacy)

The clips throughout this video are all actual examples of plants we intentionally deprived in order to induce nutrient deficiencies and resolve.

TPS Nutrients Complete:

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