As of July 1st, 2023, Adult residents 21 years old and up will be allowed to grow up to three mature and three immature plants in their home, and no more than 12 plants per household, according to the state Department of Consumer Protection.

The plants should be secure from children, pets and others who shouldn’t have access to cannabis, the department warns. Cannabis must be grown indoors in a secured, locked area that is not visible to the public.


Patients who are participating in Connecticut’s medical marijuana program will be permitted to cultivate up to six cannabis plants (three mature, three immature) indoors within their homes beginning October 1, 2021. Here is a link to a list of ways you can qualify to be part of their program. All adults age 21 and over will be permitted to grow a similar number of plants indoors within their homes beginning July 1, 2023. The law includes requirements to keep the plants secure from anyone else. Home grow of up to six cannabis plants is defelonized beginning July 1, 2021, and instead will result in infractions.

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