Are you a new grower looking to cultivate high-quality cannabis from the comfort of your own home? Look no further! Introducing the “Grow with Me” masterclass….. An immersive learning experience designed for new growers to teach you the secrets of successful cannabis cultivation at home.

On January 1st, this groundbreaking project was initiated, bringing together a group of 5 new growers eager to embark on their cannabis cultivation journey. In this project, we simultaneously grew medicinal cannabis using the same soil, nutrients, and environmental conditions. Every aspect of the process, down to the ounce of water fed to the plants, was recorded to develop an easy-to-follow feed schedule.

This is a 4 month membership at a price of $15 per month and each month you will unlock access to 2-3 dated episodes. Each episode corresponds to a specific day in the grow so you can follow along in real time. This results-driven series provides step-by-step instructions and also includes the progress of each member and answers to all the questions they had. The 10 episodes are outlined as follows:

Grow With Me Welcome Video – Let’s Get Started
Day Negative 7 – Negative 3 – Preparing your Soil and Fabric Pots
Day Negative 3 – Zero – Germinating Seeds with Rapid Rooters
Day Zero to 3 – Transplanting Sproutlings into their Forever Pots
Day 3 – 21 – First Feedings & Vegetative Juice
Day 21 – 28 – Vegetative Phase, Topping & LST
Day 28 – 41 – Bloom Juice, Responsive Feeding, Reading Leaves, LST & Dunks
Day 42 – 49 – Bloom Preparation, Defoliation, Prune, LST & Flip
Day 49-60 – Early Bloom Cycle – Routine Tasks
Day 61-88 – Mid Bloom Cycle – Bud Support & Even Light
Day 89-End – Pre-Flush, Cutting Nutrients & Chop Prep

You will also gain access to my grow data which details all the landmark dates, pre and post feed pot weights, runoff measurements(pH and ppms) and harvest data. There is also an updated Feed Chart that is more efficient than the blend in my free complete guide. This new mix consists of only 2 juices – one for veg and one for bloom – which you blend through the transition phase. This allows you to say goodbye to complex week by week feeding routines and this simplified approach makes it easier for beginners to achieve great results.

As evidenced in the video above, 5 New growers have proven this method is undeniably repeatable. All the mistakes they made are featured and the remedies are addressed so you can understand how they were resolved.

If you have ever failed in the past, this is the series for you. The “Grow with Me” masterclass is specifically designed for beginners to understand the whys instead of the hows. By learning the logics behind methods, you will no longer be the prisoner of instructions and be capable of growing any strain. If you have ever watched any of my tutorials, you know how meticulous I am with data and details. I can honestly say that this is the most fool proof guide you will ever come across.

grow high-quality buds on your very first attempt!

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  1. Outstanding series. It doesn’t get any easier than this. This isn’t just an anecdotal experience…it’s backed by data, and proven. Well done!

    1. As always, I appreciate it

  2. Any plans to do a GWM series for hydro? Information on soil grows is of no value to me because I will be doing strictly hydro both outdoors and in a tent.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend hydro outdoors. The sunlight hitting the resevoir will heat it up and water chillers can’t get wet. It’s a bad idea all around, especially with algae. As for GWM, I may have something accessible when my seed bank launches in the near future. Problem is, getting a chiller and environments vary too much and is a turn off for a lot of people.

      1. I’m going to go with just indoor hydroponics this fall with DWC in a tent and a second unit using aeroponics with a new unit out of Singapore called Aerospring.
        Please let me know if you put together some content to assist with the hydroponics. Would be very interested. I’m a science guy too.

        1. Check out he hydro videos here by searching on the right. I pretty much have a masterclass that breaks the whole process down.

          1. Do you have an advanced series? IMO the industry is ever changing so to keep up we have to change things we used to do in order to keep up with production and overhead. However we may loose site of some basic things we used to do and don’t catch the errors we made until it’s too late throwing your whole cycle out of wack costing time and money. For example it’s been years since entering the commercial end of things that I can’t even grow seeds like I used to , over complicating things etc.

          2. this will clap it out, its current as of this year for a basic setup. This may be advanced to some or basic to others, depends on what your definition is. Point it, it will get you to the finish line with results similar to what you see in the video. If thats your goal, this is for you.

  3. Hi I’m doing hydro, followed your YT. Question – going on vacation for a week and it will be week 9 for me. Don’t have a chiller but used frozen bottles. It’s been 60’s in my area so garage is pretty cool. Will it be okay till I get back? Just want to have an idea if it can be left alone. Thanks!

    1. should be ok, but it really depends on how the environment affects the ambient water temps. Water pumps, light hitting the rez and insulation all affect the water temps. as long as youre running the rez with h2o2, you should be fine.

  4. Have you thought about doing a master class with Coco coir?

    1. Yes but honestly, there simply is no good starter coco coir I have found and the process of rinsing and prebuffering the coco has proven to be a deterrent the vast majority of home growers. Many have attempted on my discord and failed due to trusting company “good to go out of the bag” BS. It also required drip irrigation which is quite advanced so overall, I really try to focus on ease for new growers and everyone who gets into coco from the start ends up being overwhelmed. I have all the content recorded, just never got around to chopping it up, but I have a master feed chart available for patreon members.

  5. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a total noob. I’m on my first grow and HWG guide and discord is worth its weight in gold. (Seriously!) I’ll be transparent as possible. I’ve had very little issues whatsoever on this grow (Some Humidity issues, Plant growth stunt, and stress training.) However, anything I had questions for this man was not only quick to answer but was patient and was super informative on any aspect. The man knows his bud and can get you up and growing in no time flat. I 10/10 recommend to the newcomers who are leery about the difficulty of their first grow. He has not only built a product that dwarfs big name products. (I Won’t mention names because I’m from south of the north Atlantic and I just really love growing Mari…weed Lol) But has also built a community that is top Notch. With his teachings, his products, and his community, there isn’t a better option out there. Sure, you can subscribe to 10 other channels. and sign up for all their discords. (I tried this before I found HWG) and absolutely nothing compared to the information that was provided here. between the grow with me master class and the discord. This was easier than I possibly imagined. every fear I had before has been slowly but surely chipped away at every stage.
    Thanks again HWG you the GOAT.

  6. Just finished this series and its so informative. I love the video examples and how everything is explained. I enjoyed this series and the info so much I started my first grow ever Feb of 24. I am about 4 weeks in, so far so good. Just following along with the videos as I go. Here is my grow diary as I continue my journey.
    Thanks HWG for all the support and help along the way. Well worth my money and I hope you continue making quality content!

  7. you are one of the best teacher I’ve come across. god bless brother

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