I’m a huge fan of Jeremy Silva and Buildasoil and I think they have some of the best understanding of soil so I wanted to test their soil out in this series.

Instead of trying to build a soil, I outright bought their Build a soil 3.0 blend and their buildabloom. (top dress amendments) I talked to their staff and they said their 3.0 is pretty much a water only blend. So, I took their word but just in case. Not sure if I would even need to amend the soil, but if the plant looks like it needs it, Ill add it around day 30 of bloom At about a 1 teaspoon per each gallon of water, every other feeding up until 3 weeks before harvest.

Jeremy Silva Fan: 0:1
Mix and Preparation: 0:15
Price Analysis: 0:39
Lab Analysis: 1:32

Price wise, the total per each 5 gallon pot is $31.77 and the total was $85.54. Its important to note that $30 of this total was for shipping because I’m in NY. I’m anticipating only using a 10th of the bloom amendment and a full cost analysis can be seen in the description.

Build-A-Soil 3.0 Blend 1 Cubic Foot $27.50 Using .54 cubic foot per pot which is ½ bag or $13.75

Build-A-Soil Build a Bloom 1lb $27.50 Anticipated use is 1/10th bag or $2.75 Shipping will vary but for me it was $30.54(or $15.27 per pot)

Now when you look at this soil, it’s B E A utiful. You could tell that geremy took his time sourcing his ingredients. Now, I sent this soil in to be lab tested and the result came back with soluble salt levels in the danger zone.

All 3 Macronutrients rated at very high and I anticipated the clones possibly dealing with Nute burn initially, so after preparing my pot, I decided to dilute the original soil with some inert coco coir and coco that I had leftover from my coco slots.

I have no doubt that the soil has enough nutrients for bloom and based on the testing, I’m not even sure a top dress would be necessary. I think this soil is solid and based on the lab reports, the soil itself could probably be used as a top dress as well. We’ll see how this super soil does in comparison to the other slots.

This mix will be used in our Meta Soil Project which is a series of episodes that documents 6 different soil mediums grown side by side to see which ones produces the best quality.


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