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In this video we look at 5 different mason jars and compare them with variables such as wide mouth, amber and size to see which ones are the best for curing buds and storing weed. All prices have been price shopped and linked:

Mason Jar Clear 32 Ounce:

Amber Mason Jar 32 Ounce Wide Mouth:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11785″ ref=”amzn-polytun-amber-glass-mason-jars-32-oz-wide-mouth-with-airtight-lids-and-bands-6-pack-amber-clear-glass-canning-mason-jars-quart-mason-jars-set-of-6-wide-mouth” link_id=”2895″ title=”hide”]

Amber 64 Ounce:

Gallon Clear Jar:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11723″ ref=”amzn-empty-1-gallon-glass-jar-w-airtight-leakproof-metal-lid-wide-mouth-easy-to-clean-dishwasher-safe-usda-certified-kombucha-tea-kefir-canning-sun-tea-fermentation-food-storage-2pk” link_id=”2896″ title=”hide”]

Amber glass can protect your buds from getting UV light which can degrade THC so it is one aspect that is important unless you know you will always be storing in complete darkness.

The second aspect is the lid which will come in various diameters and wide mouth is definitely the preferred size because it allows most peoples hands to fit in and is interchangeable with other wide mouth lids.

We always advise against plastic because its more difficult to clean and the pollen/trichomes/pistils always seem to stick on the plastic by static electricity.


  1. Are you going to start a new YouTube channel

    1. Not until it’s fully legalized and I don’t have to be paranoid all the time. This whole experience has been extremely unhealthy for me so I’m just posting here in the future.

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