These are the most likely products they have at you local smoke shops.

Bongs or Waterpipes

18 types of bongs

These come in many shapes and sizes from the simple beaker bong or bubbler to a massive ZONG. Some people like the simplicity of a small piece others like the complexity and smoothness of a zong. Many find a middle ground with a piece they find does a good job in both areas. Considering waterpipes is one of the most efficient way of smoking marijuana flower you cannot forget the utility of the everyday house bong.

Pipes come in various shapes and sizes and there are so many in so many combinations. Not the best and not the least efficient means of smoking. An elegant method tried and tested for thousands of years.

Hand Pipe/Bowl
Sherlock Pipe

Papers usually come in 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch, and Pre Rolled versions. This is the most social form of marijuana consumption.


Vaporizers come in various shapes and sizes.

All vaporizers are the most efficient in the terms of saving money on smoking.

Most of the flower gets all used up.

Some like the gpen and pax are all in one device chambers.

Some vapes like the magic flight launch box are also all in one and come with various attachments for bongs/waterpipes, wall power adapters for their device, and many more.

The Volcano is a standing table top vaporizer.

It either traps vaporized herb into a bag or through a connector straight to a rig.

If you’re experienced you get the extra large bags and research the correct vaping temperatures for each and every strain.

Dab Rigs

Rigs are used with some sort of concentrate of cannabis. They are heated with a blow torch and are used the same way as a waterpipe/bong otherwise.

This is the strongest method of receiving THC.

Misc. Electric Dab Nail, Hot Wand, & Rolling Machine

These tools aid in the consumption of concentrates and flowers.

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