In this video, I’m going to teach you how to smoke weed the healthiest way possible and prove it using scientific studies. If you watch my content, you know I am always focused on optimizing everything so this video is long overdue. We analyze a ton of scientific studies to show what the best method for inhaling cannabis is and how to optimize smoking while reducing carcinogens, hence lowering the risk for cancer.

Link to Chart in Video and All Sources/References:

The 3 Flower Vapes I use are:

Conduction Vape: the most portable out of the bunch, you can easily carry it around. Dimensions are about 4 x 1.5 x 1 inches. Packs around .3 grams, takes about 30-60 seconds to heat up. Noone in public will visually notice you are smoking weed. It could pass as a nicotine vape. I do not over pack it like they say and after about 4 good hits, Ill take a key and kind of turn the bud a little so the inside goes out just to make sure all the bud cooks. Heat range is 182-215° C. The programming is a little confusing, but once you get it, you get it. I been using this for years and although it doesnt cook as well as the other two, the sheer convenience of being able to carry it around makes it well worth it.

This is a Hybrid device(convection/conduction). Dimensions a 3 x 5 x 6. Not as portable as the above device but definitely a more well rounded smoke because of the convection aspect. Holds about a quarter gram and takes about 60 seconds to heat up. This is not something you can use in public but still portable enough to add to your travel bag. The controls are super easy and responsive and shutting it off is instant so youre not going to cook as much bud when you’re not using it. Downside: Range is 40-210 °C.

This is a Hybrid device(convection/conduction). This is the meta but not portable at all. It’s bigger than a bong and looks almost like a hookah and is quite intimidating if you never seen it before. The device itself is around 8 x 7 inches and the tubes measure around 3 feet long. It also comes with balloons that you can fill with vapor and visually know how much smoke you are inhaling. The heat range is 40°C-230°C and it takes about a minute to heat up. I lightly pack half a gram and this is by far the best quality vapor I get out of all the devices I use and has a permanent place in my household. Controls are super easy and they have an app for androids, but I find it to be easier to just use the buttons on the device. This is the most expensive, but I would assure you that if you are a daily smoker, it is well worth it.

A flower vape is considered the best option for cannabis consumption for several reasons, primarily related to temperature control and the avoidance of combustion:

  1. Flower vapes allow users to precisely control the temperature at which the cannabis is heated. This means you can target the specific temperature range that optimizes the release of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes without reaching the point where harmful carcinogens are produced.
  2. Avoidance of Combustion: Traditional smoking methods combust the cannabis, which not only destroys some of the beneficial compounds but also creates harmful byproducts, including carcinogens. Vaping heats the cannabis just enough to vaporize these compounds without burning the plant material.
  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness: Vaping at optimal temperatures ensures that the maximum amount of beneficial compounds are released with minimal waste. This efficiency can lead to a more effective and enjoyable experience.
  4. Healthier Option: By avoiding combustion and the inhalation of smoke, vaping is considered a healthier option. Smoke from combustion can irritate the lungs and throat and lead to respiratory issues over time. Vaping produces a cleaner inhalant that is less harsh on the respiratory system.
  5. Flavor Preservation: Lower temperatures used in vaping can better preserve the flavor profiles of different cannabis strains, leading to a more enjoyable and nuanced experience.


  1. First and foremost, this was an awesome video. I’ve got one of those vaporizers from storz and bickel, and I’m quite fond of it. My questions for you are:
    1) Could you use the vaporized flower for edibles or tinctures since its technically decarboxilated?
    2) If I wanted to decarb my flower in the oven, should I use the higher End of the THC heat spectrum, or find happy median? Most info out there says to decarb at 250 F., but looking at your chart, it looks like that might not be enough heat.

    1. I’m not there yet in terms of mastering the AVB(already vaped bud) but there are a lot of people who have written about this. Since the buds have mostly been converted to CBN after cooking, it will give you a sleepy high and I have been researching different methods to make upper edibles. I have scientific journals I will link once I get back home and work on my next tutorial on cooking.

      1. Have you figured out the method to making more upper eddies bc i really like edibles just i hate the crash i can never enjoy them

        1. everyone overcooks the psychoactive parts into CBN. BEen working on videos, but not sure when theyll release.

  2. Thats why we call you Big Growmie ( nah for real) lol. Yeah man, I really want to convert all my bud into oil, but I havent quite found the best procedure to do so. I’ve tried making RSO in the past, and it was TRASH. Lol, I’m not trying to waste a bunch of my flower on a sub par oil. But I definitely want to make the most psychoactive oil that I can make, and having the correct decarb temps is CRUCIAL.

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