AC Infinity’s S44 is a grow light which features 1024 Samsung LM301B Diodes and is intended to be used for a 4 x 4 grow tent.

It features a dimmer and is rated at 400 watts and is perfect for growing all plants but has some issues when it comes to heat.

Overheating seems to be the primary issue with this LED grow light and because of this I don’t think it is a good light for bloom.

However, I experienced the best vegetative growth with this light so I will use it on future projects that do not require me to go over 40% power.

The following lights have verified seed to harvest grows and the whole process was documented.

I can vouch for them 100% and in the future, we will not endorse any lights we have not used to harvest.

Spider Farmer SF 2000 & Bloom Plus XP4000

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11627″ ref=”amzn-spider-farmer-2024-new-evo-sf2000-led-grow-light-with-samsung-lm301h-evo-high-efficiency-dimmable-lighting-full-spectrum-grow-light-for-indoor-plants-veg-bloom-growing-lamps-for-2×4-3×4-grow-ten” link_id=”2682″ title=”hide”]

Verified Grow Journal:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11711″ ref=”amzn–plus-latest-xp4000-led-grow-light-with-samsung-lm301b-diodes-400w-upgraded-dimmable-5×5-ft-coverage-full-spectrum-plant-grow-light-for-indoor-plants-seeding-veg-bloom-hydroponic-growing-lamps” link_id=”2994″ title=”hide”]

Verified Grow Journal: The Bloom Plus light has a Moso driver and the review of it can be seen here, whereas the spider farmer lights have mean well drivers. I find the amount of heat emitted from these lights are significantly less and because of the, I am no longer endorsing the and I am beginning to think that that is one of the most important factors with heat.

Here are the specs of this LED Grow Light direct from AC infinity: Dimmable LED grow light designed with an optimized spectrum and diode positioning, to maximize plant yields.

Specially formulated full-spectrum Samsung LM301B LEDs to achieve the highest growth rates in all plant stages.

Algorithmically positioned diodes create the most uniform PAR map and the deepest canopy penetration.

Dimmer enables 0 to 100% brightness.

Can connect with our smart controllers to access grow cycles, scheduling, and app.

Constructed on a unibody aluminum board and IP-65 rated for grow environments with higher humidity and heat.

Product Description A full spectrum LED grow light designed with algorithmically positioned Samsung LM301B diodes to maximize plant yields.

Features a proprietary driver that enables dimming, daisy chaining, and can connect with our smart controllers.

Built on a fan-less, unibody aluminum board to dissipate heat and extend the diodes’ lifetime.

All components are sealed to IP-65 standards to maintain peak performance even in a grow environment with higher temperatures and humidity.

Includes a pair of metal bar hangers and rope hangers.

This LED grow fixture is designed for grow tents with interior reflective Mylar lining, and used to cultivate a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables.

This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve your ideal environment.

Each light contains an optimized ratio of Horticulture-Series Samsung LM301B white, red, and IR LEDs designed to maximize plant yields.

The diodes are then algorithmically positioned within the board to provide the most uniform PAR map coverage and deepest light penetration.

These features help achieve the highest growth rates in germination, vegetative, and flowering stages.

Future Ready Controls Features a proprietary LED driver that enables 0-100% dimming with an easy-to-use control knob that adjusts light intensity in 20% increments.

The driver also contains a port that enables daisy chaining and can connect with our smart controllers to access grow cycles, scheduling, app control, and more. Join our ecosystem of controllers and grow equipment including fans and lights, all working together to achieve the optimal environment.

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  1. I have the Samsung inboard s44 for 4 by 4 grown tent and having issues with high temp from the driver on top of the light. So hot you can’t keep your hand on it. I measured the driver temp with a laser temp meter and it read 139F. Hope the heat sinks I ordered from Amazon help.

    1. Yup, exactly what I said and then the company wants to flag me for just stating the truth. SMH. It’s a winter only type of light.

    2. Same problem here! I had a Vivosun that died so I replaced it with an S44 and it cooked my plants- the heat in the tent was ridiculous! Nothing I tried helped dissipate it!

  2. Howweedgrows. Have you tried the spider farmer se 7000 I thought of going with dinner of thirst lights but haven’t seen good reviews plus I heard the lights may not last as long as some others. Any feed back?

    1. I have it and Im using it now and so far it’s been amazing. Cant speak on longevity, but the warranty is 2 years and after that its trade in so Id definitely say that regardless, getting value. I think theres a coupon code on my spider farmer review a couple of posts back thats stackable on top of sales if you end up getting it.

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