New growers always encounter issues because you don’t know what you don’t know and experience will help.

This is my opinion on all the mistakes that new growers make based on all the questions and problems they have. I guide new growers through on discord.

These are all rookie mistakes that may be avoided if you knew about them. So, hopefully this will help prevent you from having to experience them.

1. Skimping out on the lights.

Tons of reviews are sponsored. Nothing is better than seeing what people actually grew using them. Yes, of course some growers are better than others, but you will get an idea using law of averages. Here are lights that I personally used and the plants I grew with them. I no longer do light reviews, because I’ve come to the conclusions that results are better than any fancy light readings (How do you rate a grow light when you don’t grow?, jab jab jab). For anyone curious, I am not an I will NEVER be sponsored. Check my “contact me” page our my site.

My All-Time Favorite Light – Spider Farmer SF2000:

Verified Grow:

2. Research the strains via the same methods as researching lights.

Look for results, results results from amateur growers. Don’t always trust breeder photos, they’re edited and photoshopped. I never see any transparency with how the plants were grown. What nutrients do they use? So, just use common sense. Look for a non affiliated grower and see what they grew from those seeds, Grow Diaries is a great site.

3. germinating seeds.

Easy, water, h2o2(hydrogen peroxide), darkness, warm room. It takes 1 day for me on average!. The plant when taproot is as long as the seed(you may have to plant at different times if you’re doing multiple seeds).

4. Know your soil.

That is pH and ppm which measures acidity and nutrient content. Adding additional nutrients is only good when you know your base so avoid nutrient burn, deficiency and excess by knowing everything about your medium first. No feed chart is going to help you if you do not consider what’s already there.

5. If using synthetic nutrients, pH balance your mix AFTER all nutrients are added.

This will keep your soil in the grow zone which is a pH range of 5.8-6.5. Once outside this range, your plant will suffer from lockout because it wont be able to uptake nutrients at extreme pH’s. A good alternative to pH up is Silica, but you MUST add Silica to the mix first. Most nutrients bring pH down so Silica is a great counterbalance that also has a ton of added benefits. My silica of choice:

6. Overfeeding.

Learn how to know the visible and touch signs to feed and use the calculation of soil volume x .08 for how much water you should use. Overfeeding will prevent oxygen from getting to your plant roots. They will suffocate then die if this is not fixed. If dealing with overwatering or underwatering issues, try a dunk:

7. Avoid forums that have a lot of new growers.

They seem to think everything is nitrogen deficiency of cal mag issues. Most of them need more help than you and all they do is regurgitate information from growweedeasy (which IMO is obsolete knowledge from people who dont even grow). I fux with growdoctorguides though. But to be honest overall, reddit and these site like ILGM or Rollitup are flooded with knew growers with power complexes that just want to act like they know more than you. They don’t, so instead of publicly asking for help, find an experienced grower IN THE MEDIUM YOU GROW IN and ask them directly. You can ask someone in our discord too, we have experienced members there and we check all our questions.

8. DO everything gradually.

When you do think abrupt or drastic, it will lead to shock and postpone or delay growth in your plants. Less is always more and always try to do everything in increments.

9. Learn when to harvest.

It is vital and probably the most important time related factor with growing.

10. last but not least, is something I was extremely guilty of.

Stop bragging about your plants. Unless you’re talking to someone who also grows. Most people really don’t care. Don’t become that person who only talks about weed. If you can’t resist the urge, that’s what my discord were created for. That’s all for this list, if you enjoyed the content, like subscribe or check out my other videos and discord for some neat projects.

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