After 3 months of simultaneously growing 8 different strains, I finally narrowed down my selection to just 1 and thanks to all who participated in voting in this series.

We are left with the strain that smells like pink Pixy Stix and has traffic light colors all around it. It is both the highest yielding and highest THC strain in the tent so it is undoubtedly the keeper strain I will be using in my meta soil project series.

This female has been cloned 8 times from a mother I have set aside and one of the clones was reversed and used to pollinate itself and other plants in my main tent.

This has been difficult, but I wanted nothing but the best in my comparison series and after such a failed comparison in my last hydro vs soil series, I knew I needed to control all the variables better.

Overall, this is definitely the outcome I wanted and both the male and female form of this strain dominated.

I was worried that there was going to be a debate, but I dont think 2nd place even comes close.

Equipment Used:


[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11802″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-cloudlab-743d-2-in-1-advance-grow-tent-48x36x72-thickest-1-in-poles-highest-density-2000d-diamond-mylar-canvas-4×3-for-hydroponics-indoor-growing” link_id=”2965″]

Lights: running at 70% no need for higher.

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11627″ ref=”amzn-spider-farmer-2024-new-evo-sf2000-led-grow-light-with-samsung-lm301h-evo-high-efficiency-dimmable-lighting-full-spectrum-grow-light-for-indoor-plants-veg-bloom-growing-lamps-for-2×4-3×4-grow-ten” link_id=”2638″]


AC Infinity Airflow:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11571″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-cloudline-pro-t6-quiet-6-inline-duct-fan-with-temperature-humidity-vpd-controller-wifi-integrated-app-control-ventilation-exhaust-fan-for-heating-cooling-grow-tents-hydropon” link_id=”2125″]

Video tutorial on settings here: currently min fan speed set at 5


[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11545″ ref=”amzn-genesis-6-inch-clip-convertible-table-top-clip-fan-two-quiet-speeds-ideal-for-the-home-office-dorm-more-off-white” link_id=”2126″]


[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11696″ ref=”amzn-general-hydroponics-flora-series-floramicro-florabloom-floragro-3-part-hydroponic-nutrient-system-1-qt-bottles” link_id=”2966″]


[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11519″ ref=”amzn-foxfarm-happy-frog-potting-soil-2cu” link_id=”2128″]

Govee Smart Thermometer: Best $13 bucks I spent, S/O comrade on discord for the tip

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11652″ ref=”amzn-govee-hygrometer-thermometer-h5075-bluetooth-indoor-room-temperature-monitor-greenhouse-thermometer-with-remote-app-control-notification-alerts-2-years-data-storage-exportlcd” link_id=”2967″]

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