I got these Boveda 62 packs because I read articles online that said this was the easiest method to cure but honestly, Did they even test these out before writing those articles???

I don’t recommend products until they’re tried and tested so I left some jars with boveda packs sealed for a couple of days just to see if the readings would change, and they didn’t. To figure out whether the packs had any influence on the humidity, I decided to conduct a controlled experiment.

I had 3 mason jars with hygrometers that I set at 52, 62 and 72 percent. Once they hit the target humidity, I added the Boveda pack and sealed them. I then eyeballed them for a couple of minutes and I re-calibrated them to the same targets to stabilize them even more. Then I air tightened the lids and observed what happened in the hours and days that followed.

Humidity Record

1 hour later and the humidity was 58, 60 and 63.  

2 hours later,  it was 58 60 62,

3 hours later 59, 60 and 62. So it is getting closer.  

4 hours later, same as 3 hours later 59, 60 and 62

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12 hours later 59. 60 and 60

1 day later , 58, 19 and 60

2 days later 60, 61 and 62

and 2 weeks later 59, 60 and 61

So in conclusion, The humidity seems to straddle around 60-61 percent which does indeed prove that these bring the humidity closer to what it’s labeled. But, why I believe my humidity did not change during curing is because of the size of these packs.  Because of their size, they’re only capable of absorbing or releasing a fixed amount of moisture.

When dealing with even a quart sized jar of bud, the moisture content is too much for these boveda packs to make a change. Once the pack is over-saturated with moisture or it completely dries up, there is no more influence it can make on humidity and it basically taps out. It is NOT a shortcut to curing and it will not automatically cure your buds.

If and only if your target humidity is stabilized at the same percent of the pack will the pack help maintain that level. Well I’ll still use the ones that I bought, but would I use it again? ……. Probably NOT for curing, possibly for some super high end bud.

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Boveda 62


This is not intended to cure your buds, it will maintain humidity as long as the humidity is already really close to the number labeled on the pack and will not be able to influence it much further.

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