The only form of standardized testing for bud quality is lab tests which will look something like this:

There are other tests for terpene profiles, but let’s be honest, weed is completely subjective and what tastes great for you, may not taste great for others. Whenever I grow weed, I always give a bunch to my homies to get a second, third or fourth opinion and I want to know how they rank my quality. So I made a template that I think everyone would appreciate because most of it is drop down (in the pdf version) or “circle here” (in the paper version) to make it “dummy high”-proof. I know some of us want to just relax so this makes the process of judging terpene profiles really easy.

As with all of my charts and forms, this is a work in progress so if you have any suggestions or ideas to add, feel free to reach out.

PDF Version Download
(Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to Fill Out)

PAPER Version Download (Print and Share)


  1. 3 or 4 extra opinions sounds like a lot of heads to me. Lol thanks again for your sacrifice.

    1. it is, but I like data and as many opinions as possible

  2. This is Great for the Judging we are doing.

    1. yeah, my feedback was always one word answer and I used to give away a healthy amount of bud to test. Now they gotta work for it, lol

  3. To download the files (PDF) wordpress wants you to log in. not sure if thats intended or not.

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