Episode 7: Bud Rot Remedy
Episode 6 Day 71-88 Press Play
Episode 5 Day 56 – 70 Press Play
Episode 4 Day 46 – 56 Press Play
Episode 3 Day 32 – 45 Press Play
Episode 2 Day 31 Live Update Press Play
Episode 1 Day 0 – 20 Press Play

In this series, I document the growth of 3 different strains in both soil and hydro. My hydroponic system is a RDWC which stands for recirculating deep water culture which lets you connect as many buckets to a single reservoir, making feeding easier. As I learn this new grow media, I am faced with many challenges I didn’t know I didnt know and everything I went through can be seen in these real experience videos. It has been a journey and this series highlights all the mistakes and obstacles you may face when growing DWC or with autos in soil. The feed schedule for the soil is from my ultimate grow chart and the feed schedule for my hydro was developed in this video. A future video specifying my feed schedule will be linked soon.

Items In this Series Available on Amazon:

Items Available Elsewhere:

PA Hydroponics: Stirponic 4 Bucket Reservoir RDWC system

Current Nutrient Line for Hydro: Dyna Grow

Epsom Salt: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/wal…

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