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The VS3000 is an LED grow light designed by vivosun to be used in a 3 x 3 grow tent. It works well in a 3 x 3 tent and the measurements seen in the video show that it meets my minimum requirements for bloom in a grow tent. This looks like the typical panel light and the dimensions are about 19.5 inches by 19.5 inches and it has 704 LED’s that are samsung but they are LM301D which is a downgrade compared to all the grow lights out there that are LM301B or LM301H. This grow light is definitely capable, but for the price, I believe there is better value out there.

Our choice for a 3 x 3 tent would be:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11711″ ref=”amzn–plus-latest-xp4000-led-grow-light-with-samsung-lm301b-diodes-400w-upgraded-dimmable-5×5-ft-coverage-full-spectrum-plant-grow-light-for-indoor-plants-seeding-veg-bloom-hydroponic-growing-lamps” link_id=”3028″ title=”hide”]

Yes, it might be overkill for a 3 x 3 tent but my theory is that a larger dimension light has a better distribution, you could just dim it lower and have the option to go higher. The LED spacing on the Bloom Plus light is symmetric. It’s only $20 more(CLIP COUPON), 832 LEDs vs 704, LM301B diodes, Moso driver AND a continuous dimmer(can set it at any percentage instead of 25% intervals). Verified grows can be seen here:

Disclaimer: I am NOT sponsored

Specs provided by Vivosun:
High Efficiency & Lower Cost: This VS3000 LED grow light uses premium Samsung LM301 diodes with high-efficiency (2.9μmol/J); The energy consumption is only 300 watts; It can cover 4 x 4 ft. area (5 x 5 ft. max)

Dimmable Ballast: This LED plant lamp has a dimming knob with 4 levels that can be used from sprouting to flowering; ​Designed with the daisy chain function (EXT) that allows you to connect multiple lights with 1 socket

Full-spectrum Sunlike Lighting: These LEDs deliver optimal light-spectrum coverage (380nm-780nm, 660nm, 730nm, 3000K, 5000K), offering more power for your blooms and maximum PAR output at various distances

No Noise & Low Heat: This grow light equipped with high-quality heatsink and ventilation holes, so it can prevents burning or damage to your plants; With no fan design, it can provide a quiet working environment

Safe to Use: The IP65 rating surface can meet your demand in different indoor planting environments; Comes with grow glasses, a pair of VIVOSUN US-patented rope hangers & 5-year after-sales warranty service


Vivosun VS3000 LED Grow Light


Despite all of the misrepresentation, the light intensity readings pass my requirements of more than 500 ppfd on every corner and the brightness is more than adequate for flowering in a 3 x 3. However, since these reading are right around the 500 mark, I would say this definitely wont work for flowering in a 4 x 4 tent. The driver allows you to set the light intensity at set 25% intervals and it draws power proportionately. This light does NOT get overly hot compared to other panel lights. I would say at the $245 dollar price, this light is worth it, but there are other lights that I believe are better value listed in the description.


  1. The Vivosun VS3000 panels now are being shipped with LM301B/H diodes since Dec 30th 2022. This is confirmed. For reference, actual testing has shown the LM301D as only being 2.5% less efficient than LM301B/H’s. So its a moot comparison.

    1. Any way you cut it, false advertising is unethical.

    2. Also until I see a valid review from an unsponsored reviewer, I won’t believe in the update.

      With that said, I never said it was a bad light, just inferior to competition.

  2. I found the light to be very hot in a 3×3 tent. Temp running around 87 with my vent fan and 2, 6″ fans running

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