Setup Settings Below For veg, bloom, and transition periods.

The AC infinity controller 69 finally addresses variable fan speeds to optimize efficiency when cooling and providing co2 to your grow tent.

It is imperative for you to understand airflow and VPD to maximize yield and knowing how to use this controller will make a huge difference in yield and overall plant health.

In this video, I teach you the settings I use and the reasons why I do what I do.

We will teach you how to setup and program your controller using the Bluetooth app for the best settings far plants.

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AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, & AC Infinity Controller 67

For Veg (Weeks 1 – 6 approx)

Off Fan Speed (Minimum) = 0

On Fan Speed (Maximum) = 5

Max Temp = 78 Fahrenheit 26 Degrees Celsius

Min Temp = Off

Max Humidity = Off

Min Humidity = Off

Transition Temperature = 2 Degrees Fahrenheit or 1 Degrees Celsius

For Transition to Bloom (Weeks 6-8 Approximately)

Off Fan Speed (Minimum) = 1

On Fan Speed (Maximum) = 7

Max Temp 77 Fahrenheit 26 Degrees Celsius

Min Temp = Off Max Humidity = Off

Min Humidity = Off

Transition Temperature = 2 Degrees Fahrenheit or 1 Degrees Celsius

For Mid – Late Bloom (Weeks 9 and On Approximately)

Off Fan Speed (Minimum) = 2

On Fan Speed (Maximum) = 9

Max Temp 75 Fahrenheit 26 Degrees Celsius

Min Temp = Off

Max Humidity = Off

Min Humidity = Off

Transition Temperature = 2 Degrees Fahrenheit or 1 Degrees Celsius

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  1. Hey,
    Just have to thank you for your needed tutorial on the Controller 69 programming. What a fine product AC Infinity puts out, save one thing…their programming guide is very descriptive in the most complicated way possible. Without your guidance I might have given up and just used a dumb timer. Thank you, thank you!
    Best Wishes,

    1. I thought the same thing and that’s why I made the video to save other people the misery of trying to read their instructions which made 0 sense

  2. Just a question wouldn’t it be better to set a max humidity for in flower since you want to keep it under 50 Rh?

    1. It depends what the extremes are but yes. Humidity is extremely important

  3. I’m an old guy in my 60’s trying to setup the AC Infinity Controller 69, I’ve got White Widow Auto’s that I got from ILGM which was the beginners mix. I germinated two seeds and put them straight into the fabric pots and into the tent. I was just wondering what settings do I need right from the start since the seeds haven’t broken ground yet or do I just run the light until they break ground? I’ll use your settings for veg and flower but what should I start with? Thanks for your help and thanks for the information you have already given.

    1. It really depends on temps. If you could keep it at a constant 78 degrees. I would just set it at 1 at week 1, 2 at week 2, and cap out at like 8 at week and, no real need to go all the way to 10

  4. should update this for the cloudforge humidifier and trying to target vpds and stuff

    1. Sorry but as explained in my how to pick a humidifier video, a transparent rez is a big no no. I do not endorse that model. They are already working on a new one based on my feedback

  5. Yeah they MUST fix the humidifier..what were they thinking making it transparent

    1. no idea why they keep trying to do what other companies have been specializing for years.

  6. my controller is a number 6 when I try to change the mode a lock symbol appears in upper left corner and i can not get fan to turn on

    1. Holding the setting button will lock the controller in your current mode. While your controller is locked, no parameters may be adjusted, nor will you be able to switch modes. Holding the setting button again will unlock the controller.

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