In this video we cover these dimmable Famurs TF3000 Lights

Famurs TF3000 grow light with LM301H diodes came in and I unboxed and tested it in a 4 x 3 grow tent.

I was planning on using this for my hydroponic grow, but unfortunately, the light is not adequate.

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11797″ ref=”amzn-famurs-dimmable-tf3000-led-grow-light-with-lm301h-diodes%ef%bc%88includes-ir%ef%bc%89-full-spectrum-grow-lights-for-indoor-plants-seedling-veg-flower-growing-lamps” link_id=”2904″ title=”hide”]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11750″ ref=”amzn-amazon-7″ link_id=”2905″ title=”hide”]

If the 3000 model is not available on amazon try out Ebay they often sell out.

Here’s how to pick great light(recommendations in description, bloom plus is legit):

Move on…..

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