The Hey Abby is a one of a kind grow box that is stealthy and allows you to almost fully automate your grow cannabis at home experience. In this video series we go over the whole grow experience step by step to show you what this device is capable of producing. Watch the series above to see the whole grow process. The Feed Charts are based on a custom tweaked Hydro Veg and Bloom Mix (I added slightly more Cal Mag). Exact Feeds are available upon request to Patreon Members.

You will definitely need the following tools in order to maximize growth:


Hey abby Grow Box OG


Quick Learning Curve: Master the art of growing in just one cycle with Hey abby OG grow box

  • Automated Lighting -Automated Bubbler -Automated Fans -Stealthy -Sleek -Fully Assembled -DWC Unlike Competitor Brands -Rez Swaps are SO EASY
  • Still Smells -Lung Room Needs to be -Dehumidified -pH probe would be Nice -Nutrient Formula Could be Better


  1. I plan on getting some cash together to subscribe to the Patreon. I just learned how to use Excel for this! I have the Abby box and I’m in the discord! I’m going to attempt to become active in the discord soon. This will be my first ever grow and I have almost zero idea but your videos have broke it down so well that I believe subbing to your Patreon will be WORTH! I just wanted to use this to express how I feel and to connect with you on the subject! Thank you for all that you do.

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