Everything you need to know on how to grow weed is taught here as easy as possible. Most new growers get overwhelmed with the idea of growing their own weed because there is never content that includes everything from start to finish. As a medical patient, I have attempted to master the art of growing (probably will never happen) and all of my knowledge and shortcuts are taught in the tutorials on this site. I don’t do anecdotal and I don’t do fluff so everything I teach is proven, documented and verified by others on our community on discord. We noticed that recently, almost every content creator has sold out to sponsorships and platforms like YouTube and instagram are all controlled by a select few name brands that frankly, need the advertising.

We will never be sponsored and anything we teach is fully documented in our journals. Our Amazon Storefront only features a single product per category and features only products that I use now and can adamantly vouch for.

This site is a collaborative, open source effort to master growing and as technology improves and techniques advance, we update the content and recommendations accordingly. What you will learn here is the most efficient ways to grow and the best products to help you get the best possible results in the convenience of your home. Just make sure you abide by your local laws and join us in the wonderful world of growing medicine at home.



  1. great is the suggestions though finest ever moves to care of the whole plant indeed it is the best to be done keep up the best job.

  2. I starting putting together my RDWC a few months ago. My seeds are just sprouting. I have watched many of your videos multiple times. You make it very easy to understand how to grow in this medium. Following your chart i assume i will have a successful first grow!! Im also about to join your patreon if not for all the support to at least put a couple dollars in your pocket. The work you have done is amazing and you dont charge anything for it when you easily could!! Thanks for the help! La-da-da-da-dah you did teach me!!😁😁

    1. Appreciate it, best of luck on your first grow. It’s addicting

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