Overwatering and underwatering is common problem with growing in soil and especially in fabric pots. When soil over dries, it becomes hydrophobic. This creates a butterfly effect of issues that may result in you misdiagnosing your plant with the wrong deficiencies. To address watering issues with fabric pots, we use a dunk method and the purpose of it is to hydrate all of the exterior soil around the fabric pot which often dries and wets unevenly. By creating a moist wall, water which is often fed in the top center fills in the gap and creates a donut of dryness which eventually moistens as the water spreads.

This method also lets you calculate the final weight after feeding and this is the target weight you should aim for on the next feeding. As the plant grows, you will need to water more so its best to re calibrate every third feeding or so. It’s one of the best techniques for evenly watering and feeding your plants and using this method, I have never had an issue with dry or wet pockets.You can also test your input and output pH and ppm to see exactly what your soil is doing to your water so you can properly diagnose your plants.

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