This is the Periodic Table of Weed Stains

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Very often, we find that growing the weed isn’t the issue the issue is finding which strain to grow!

Personally our favorite strains to smoke/grow are:

White Widow & Blue Dream

We like to ask ourselves:

  • Do we want an indica or sativa?
  • Maybe a hybrid?
  • What effects do we want to be present?
  • How potent of a plant do we grow this time?
  • What Flavor?

We like white widow and blue dream because lighter highs that improve creativity. This is because we are more partial to Sativas and Sativa Hydrids. Unlike Indica’s which land you in da couch and are great for people who want to relax and think less.

There are only two ways to decide which stain we will be sticking with!

Make a periodic table dart board or choose carefully. Just kidding about the dart board!

Ask yourself those questions above maybe check that periodic table check which common uses fall into your needs and which effects might be preferential. In this case you can bring yourself into a small list of strains that will fall into either sativa and hybrid or indica and hybrid.

Each question you ask yourself will eliminate another group of strains. Work yourself down the list and ask yourself some more questions.

When we just cannot decide we use the marijuana strain generator over on.

When you just can’t decide maybe just use the Marijuana Stain Generator over at

We also find great for searching one strain at a time.

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