Recently, several news articles have reported on legal actions taken against the company RAW, a well-known brand that produces rolling papers for smoking. The reports allege that RAW has engaged in false advertising and unfair competition, leading to legal convictions and court orders against the company.

According to an article on CannaReporter, a US court has convicted RAW of making false allegations and engaging in unfair competition. The court found that RAW had made unsubstantiated claims about the purity and quality of its products, and had engaged in anti-competitive behavior by seeking to eliminate competitors from the market.

In a separate article on Green Market Report, it was reported that a federal court had ordered RAW to stop making false claims about the foundation of its rolling papers. CannaTech Today also reported that RAW has engaged in various forms of false advertising, including claiming that its papers are made with natural materials when they are not, and making unproven claims about the health benefits of its products.

The worst part is that the federal court alleges that the RAW’s charitable organization, RAW foundation may not even exist. According to their website, the RAW Foundation is committed to “creating a brighter future for people and the planet” through partnerships with local communities and organizations, and by promoting sustainable practices and lifestyles. I tried to scour the internet to find examples of community causes or active contributions RAW foundation made to society and guess what?? I can’t find a single thing!!

This is definitely cause for concern about RAW’s business practices and although I liked RAW in the past, their products are not any better then competitor brands and this alleged Fake Foundation is a bad enough of a look for me to contribute elsewhere, even if the other company doesn’t contribute to causes too. At least they didn’t lie about it.

Here is a source that provides more information on the legal case against RAW:

This court order details the case brought against RAW by Plaintiff HBI International, which alleged that RAW made false claims about the foundation of its rolling papers and engaged in unfair competition by seeking to eliminate competitors from the market. The court found in favor of the Plaintiff, and ordered RAW to stop making false claims about its papers and to pay damages to HBI International.

As of February 12, 2023, RAW has not yet responded publicly to these allegations

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