Figuring out what weed and marijuana strain to grow can be a daunting task so once a year, I like to partake in a strain hunt where I grow several different strains from different breeders to find the best.

It takes a lot of time and most people don’t have the resources to do it.

Others prefer to just find one strain and pheno hunt by growing several seeds from the same strain and just selectively choosing the dominant plants in the mix.

It’s easier to pheno hunt but strain hunting is so much more fun and challenging.

I think a true master grower is capable of growing several strains simultaneously while having all plants look great.

In this grow, I grew 8 different strains from seed to harvest and by responding to the observable flaws and signs on the leaves, I was able to prevent deficiencies from furthering and finish this run with nearly perfect plants and harvests. The feeds were initially just translated NPK’s from my Fox Farms trio and converted to the same NPK’s using the General Hydroponics trio.

General Hydroponics Trio:

CLIP COUPON After 4 months I harvested these buds and found the best strain I ever grew and used it for my meta soil project to compare 6 different grow styles.

The winning strain was the strongest, highest THC and highest yielding so there really was no way that it wasn’t the best even though strain 2 had the best flavor and smell and effects.

I personally prefer strain 2 but I know the majority would disagree.

The way I choose strains in order of importance is:

1. THC (Frost Levels)

2: Yield (I need OBESE buds)

3. Structure (Strong Stems, easy to LST)

4: Foliage (I don’t like a lot of leaves, especially embedded in the buds)

5. Ease of Growing (Got this locked in )

The strains remain unnamed because youtube does not allow promotion of seed banks.

For the feed schedule I have updated from the data collected on this grow, goto

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Equipment and Setup:

🎪Tent &💡 Light &💨 Inline Fan:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11802″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-cloudlab-743d-2-in-1-advance-grow-tent-48x36x72-thickest-1-in-poles-highest-density-2000d-diamond-mylar-canvas-4×3-for-hydroponics-indoor-growing” link_id=”3019″]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11627″ ref=”amzn-spider-farmer-2024-new-evo-sf2000-led-grow-light-with-samsung-lm301h-evo-high-efficiency-dimmable-lighting-full-spectrum-grow-light-for-indoor-plants-veg-bloom-growing-lamps-for-2×4-3×4-grow-ten” link_id=”2728″]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11571″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-cloudline-pro-t6-quiet-6-inline-duct-fan-with-temperature-humidity-vpd-controller-wifi-integrated-app-control-ventilation-exhaust-fan-for-heating-cooling-grow-tents-hydropon” link_id=”2266″]

Smart Mode, trigger at 78 2 degree variance, off at 1, On at 4

Carbon Filter & Duct:

[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11600″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-air-carbon-filter-6-with-premium-australian-virgin-charcoal-fit-with-inline-duct-fans-for-odor-control-in-grow-tents-grow-rooms-and-hydroponics-systems” link_id=”2729″]
[lasso sitestripe=”true” id=”11646″ ref=”amzn-ac-infinity-flexible-6-inch-aluminum-ducting-heavy-duty-four-layer-protection-8-feet-long-for-heating-cooling-ventilation-and-exhaust” link_id=”2730″]

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