Installing a water chiller in your hydroponic system and DWC system can significantly contribute to maintaining an optimal temperature range for your plants’ growth. I upgraded my water chiller to this poafamx 42 Gallon on and recorded this video to help teach you how to properly install a water chiller. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this article, you can successfully program a water chiller and integrate it into your hydroponic setup. Remember to choose a chiller that meets your specific requirements, maintain it regularly, and monitor the temperature to ensure healthy plant growth and maximize yields in your hydroponic garden.

Water Chiller for Up to 5 Gallon Bucket:
Water Chiller for Up to 20 Gallon RDWC:

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Subtitles to video above: I got this water chiller to use for Summertime Hydroponic Gardening. And given the girth of my trunk, round of applause, I definitely endorse it. The good thing about this chiller is that there’s no probe and the pump included is a much better quality than my other chiller. Now while the chiller is actively cooling, heat emits from the unit so I’d recommend you getting additional tubing and placing this outside your tent for the best results. This is everything included and it was really easy to assemble. All you gotta do is place these white gaskets on top of the water outlets, the place these fixing nuts onto these pipe interfaces. Place these on top of the outlets pointed in the direction you want it to go and twist these onto the threads. Then do this again. Next, grab your tubing and youll have to cut it in half so that you have one tube for the input and one on the output. Connect one end of the first line to the pump, then place a hose clamps around the other end, then secure it onto the outlet. It really doesn’t matter which outlet you connect to the pump, because as long as the pump is submerged in water, it is responsible for water flowing through the chiller. Next grab the other tube, place the hose clamp over it and secure it onto the other outlet. Finally, tighten both hose clamps and now you want to submerge the pump deep you’re your reservoir. Now grab the loose tube and also place this in your reservoir, but try to place it as far away from the pump as possible. Now plug your unit it and watch it for a couple of minutes and as long as there’s no leaks, you could program the unit. All you have to do is hit the set button, then use the up and down arrows to select the target temperature. My target is 67, but Im gonna set this to 66, then press set. By default, the variance trigger of 2 degrees that says anytime the temperature of the water goes 2 degrees above 66 or 68, it will turn on, then shut off once it hit your target. This averages out to 67. Now to change the variance trigger, hold down set for 8 seconds, then youll see f1 appear, hit set again and here you can chance the temperature variance trigger you want, then press set again to set. Youll see there’s also a f2 option and that’s to calibrate the thermometer in the chiller but I found it to be accurate in temperature. then press set because I’m also going to set variance trigger of two degrees . Once that’s done, youll see the cooling bring the temps down to your target, then stop once it hits it and turn on again when its two degrees away. This is an awesome unit that worked perfectly for my 10 Gallon trash can grow and a promo code is linked in the description. If you value this content, smash that like, hit that bell and check out my site for more reviews and tutorials on how to grow.

Technical Specs Provided by the Company:

  1. [RAPID & STABLE COMPRESSOR COOLING] Built-in high-efficiency energy saving compressor, using r134a refrigerant without pollution, can better achieve fast and efficient cooling effect and more precise temperature control, maintain perfect water temperature 64-78F/18-26C for fish to thrive in, less water for better cooling
  2. [FAST & WELL HEAT DISSIPATION] Two built-in quiet fans and multiple vents are designed to dissipate heat effectively, and ensure the compressor work efficiently even in hot summer. Please note that better cooling depends on better heat dissipation, so 6”/15cm space around the chiller is needed for enough air circulation
  3. [MAKE YOUR HYDROPONIC HARVEST BOUNTIFUL] A stable water cooling and precise temp control system can make your hydroponics reach the ideal temperature for growing, it’s great for creating healthy roots and a bountiful harvest, both fruits and vegetables
  4. [ANTI-CORROSION DESIGN] Anti-corrosion titanium tube ensures the chiller can be used for fresh and salt water, ensures durable and long service life, providing your coral reef and sea fishes an ocean-like living environment
  5. [HELPFUL SERVICE & WARRANTY] Our store provides 1-year warranty for this 42gal water chiller, Poafamx customer service team is always willing to stand behind our customers, giving you a satisfactory solution if any problems encountered

Poafamx 42gal Aquarium Water Chiller


It worked perfectly for my 10 Gallon Hydroponic grow and the results speak for themselves. This was overkill for my unit, but I had the piece of mind of not having to worry about pythium.

Results Speak for Themselves
  • Temperature Probe Built into Chiller
  • Easy to Install
  • No leaks on first try
  • Nice Handles on the Side
  • Relatively Light Weight
Not Completely Flawless
  • Needs More Tubing Included

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